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We help you purchase or rent a new property in a suitable environment and ensure you have access to a flexible mortgage loan without stress.

Purchasing or renting a property can be challenging without a good credit report. Freeforeclosureoptions are available to take the stress off your shoulders even with a bad credit score.

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What is pre-foreclosure and foreclosure?

In most cases, individuals take home loans from financial institutions to buy properties. However, the lender informs them of the amount to be paid on loan every month. Suppose the homeowner who borrows the money to purchase the property defaults on three or more mortgage payments, a notice of default is issued to the homeowner by the lender. The property becomes a pre-foreclosure at this point, and the lender possesses the authority to reclaim the property if the mortgage payment is not remitted. What Is a Foreclosure?

Foreclosed properties are properties that have been reclaimed by the lenders. If the borrower cannot fulfill the bargain by paying the mortgage for several months, the lender will start the foreclosure procedure to reclaim the property. When the property is in the lender’s hands, it will be listed for sale for people to inspect and buy in the long run. In most cases, foreclosed homes are available to investors through real estate auctions. In a pre-foreclosure, the homeowner is still the legal owner of the house while the lender owns the house in a foreclosure.

It is an excellent idea to buy a foreclosure or pre-foreclosure as it comes with tremendous rewards. However, Freeforeclosureoptions provides you with the proper education, strategies, and tools to succeed as a real estate player.

The damages from pre-foreclosure and foreclosure events can be devastating to the family of the homeowners, the community, and other people. Having a foreclosure on one’s credit report can be damaging as it takes at least seven years to eliminate the impact.

Foreclosures can have damaging effects on existing housing prices depending on housing cycles and types. These could be long-term or short-term.

The homeowners are left with fewer options when they are in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure dilemma, but these are some of the remedies available.

Pay for Missed Payments

The first step of getting out of the pre-foreclosure dilemma is to pay up the missed payments. In most cases, it can pay penalties and late charges; most lenders will stop the procedure of pre-foreclosure on the property.

Request for Loan Modification

Another option available for homeowners in this scenario is to request a loan modification. It could be a refinance of your property, and that entails approaching your lender and asking for an entire modification of your loan contract. This method will extend the life of your loan and enable you to spread the payment of your mortgage for more years and offer you time to pay affordable rates.

A Short Sale

Homeowners have the option to sell their homes during a pre-foreclosure. In most cases, lenders allow a short sale if you are in a pre-foreclosure. A short sale is when you cannot sell your property for more than what is left on your loan. Most financial institutions are comfortable with this idea as it helps them save time and resources that foreclosure consumes. It also gives the homeowners the power to have absolute control of the procedure. The con of this technique is that homeowners will be required to move out of the house.

Get A Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure

Acquiring a deed in lieu of foreclosure is a beautiful idea in this case. It entails surrendering your property to the financial institution in exchange for being relieved of your debts. It is used as the last resort to avoid the foreclosure on your credit score, and you will be required to vacate your house. This option is an excellent idea for individuals who want to prevent a significant fall in their credit score.

For distressed homeowners, we act as their representatives and negotiate alternatives on their behalf.

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